ALERT: Drive To End Alzheimer's Golf Tournament

Join Chesapeake Bank in the 1st annual Drive to End Alzheimer's Golf Tournament on Monday, October 11, 2021 at the Eagle's Nest Country Club! Click here to learn more and register today!

ALERT: Coronavirus: Health and Safety Announcements

Chesapeake Bank of Maryland will be opening all branch lobbies effective June 1, 2021. Each individual branch will have their own re-opening guidelines so please contact your branch location for further details. Masks and face coverings are recommended to be worn, particularly for those not vaccinated, but not required. We are still encouraging you to make an appointment to meet with branch staff for loan applications, new accounts, notary services, etc. For re-opening details, please click here. Please check our website for additional updates regarding re-opening COVID-19 procedures. We are here to assist you with your banking needs. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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It’s as simple as five easy steps to begin banking with us.

  1. Open your Chesapeake Bank of Maryland accounts. Visit any branch and we’ll help you to decide which of our accounts are best for you. Please bring the following items with you:
    • Your State of Maryland issued ID or driver’s license and a second form of identification
    • Your old bank account information – a recent statement is helpful
    • Details of your existing automatic payments
    • Details of your existing direct deposit
    • Please note that all signers must appear in person with proper ID
  2. Stop using your old account. Make sure that you leave sufficient funds to cover any outstanding checks, automatic payments, or pending debit card transactions (at least 30 days). You may also want to leave enough to cover any minimum balance that you may have. Be sure to destroy any unused checks, deposit slips, and ATM or debit cards from your old account. We will be happy to shred any of these items for you.
  3. Switch your direct deposits to your new account. Arrange for direct deposits to be sent to your new Chesapeake Bank account. Fill out the DIRECT DEPOSIT FORM below and forward to your employer or retirement plan to let them know that you have switched banks. They may also require a separate form to be completed by you. Be sure to include a voided check from your new account with us.
  4. Change your automatic payments/transfers. If you have automatic debits, payments, or pay your bills online, it’s important for you to provide your billers with your new bank account information. Use our AUTOMATIC PAYMENT/TRANSFER FORM to notify companies that your automatic payments or transfers will now come from your new account with Chesapeake Bank and to keep a record of your changes.
  5. Close your old account. Once everything has cleared your old account and everything has been switched over to your new account, you can close your old account. To make this easy for you, we’ve supplied an ACCOUNT CLOSING FORM for you to use or visit the old bank in person if you prefer.

Please feel free to use our Switch Kit forms to make your transition easier.

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